Yr 7 AMEB Speech and Drama story: Mythology

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Hush, Eros. Your father Hephaestus will be here soon to greet you into the world and to introduce to the other deities we share Mt Olympus with. Before this though, I feel I should first share with you the world unto which you born.

I am your mother, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, at least here in Greece I am. To the Romans I am Venus. To them you will become known as Cupid, a tiny winged cherub, and God of Desire. This I can see.

In other places and in other times throughout the world though, sometimes all of us here on Olympus are combined into one omnipresent God or Goddess. Take the ancient Greeks before for us... they honoured only Gaia, the Earth mother, but that was before Zeus arrived and us with him. He is your grandfather, my father. The Jew's, the Christians, only honour us as one God, and to them we have no name, only the title God.

My son, you will become known by many names, they're inconsequential, only serving for the mortals of the world to have a name to pray to and worship. It's much easier if they have a name to call us.

Eros, as immortals on this world, many stories and myths are told about us. Many are just that... stories, however, many might just be true, or at least based on truth. Think about it child. Not long ago, one of us, Prometheus, stole some of our fire to give to the mortals. They had a sacred gift we didn't them to have. He was punished of course. Anyway, Zeus so angry, he wanted to destroy mankind with a massive flood. It would have worked except that Prometheus somehow managed to warn his son of this, and warned him...