Write a poem of not more than 40 lines about a journey.

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Dudhsagar Falls

The drive is long and dusty

to Dughsadar Falls.

Through forest thick the truck

hops along the rutted road,

past leaf hidden shanties

The tang of fermenting cashews

Is strong enough to choke.

We journey on, deeper into the unknown.

Our driver points out the railway,

numbers the dead.

Halting, we are guided through

the trees by a cousin.

Warned to watch our step

lest snakes lie basking

in the tropical warmth.

We pass by a pool,

a mini-fall bursting with native children,

the thunderous roar out of place.

The guide laughs at our conceit,

points upwards.

We clamber over boulders,

escorted by monkeys

greedy for human delicacies,

to see this creamy torrent

fall to its ruin in a glassy pool.

We are not alone.

Red and gold fish dart and

weave through a seething

horde of rowdy tourists

bathing in sun dappled water.

A whoop. The monkey man calls

down his minions.

'Cashew, Cashew, 50 rupee'.

Survival of the strongest,

the ruthless, the most commercial.

We bask until near dusk.

Until the dust of four wheel drives

settles and the light dims.

The journey home is humdrum,

lacking desire.