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The purpose of this paper is to describe a few of the aspects this author has observed in the organization she works for. The author works for Comfort Suites, a major hotel chain in the United States. The aspects that will be briefly discussed are communication, diversity, dress code and language, and conflict management.

The way communication flows at Comfort Suites is primarily through word of mouth and the communication log. At the beginning of each shift, the oncoming employee receives a brief turnover from the employee who is leaving. This turnover consists of explanations of items on the communication log and a summary of anything unusual that happened during the previous shift. Unusual circumstances can include, but are not limited to, problems or unusual requests from guests, problems with the facilities, or items that need managerial approval. While the communication log is a good idea, it is not used by the manager or the night shift personnel, which has caused problems for other employees.

The manager prefers sticky notes to the communication log, which has caused no end of problems when said sticky notes are lost or misplaced.

The diversity at Comfort Suites is an interesting mix; the employees are from India, Mexico, Guatemala, and America. This unusual mix seems to make our guests feel comfortable, although it has created some funny situations because of accents or misunderstandings. The majority of employees are in their thirties and divided pretty equally between married and single, and gender.

The dress code at Comfort Suites could be described as "business casual" with employees required to wear slacks or long skirts, and dress shirts or blouses, depending on gender. Ties are not required but the manager does wear one. The language is professional, polite and respectful. Racial slurs, off-color jokes...