Working Effectively in a team environment

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In a team working environment it is essential workplace relationships are effective. However there's is more to it.

In the workplace responsibilities and duties would be shared to make everyone in the workplace feel equal therefore no-one is discriminated against, the manager of the workplace would share the duties and responsibilities to ensure things are quicker and the work environment is happier. An example of how the responsibilities would be shared is Rob might get the responsibility of mailing cheques and letters out to customers which would require him to leave he office but Julie might have wanted that job but would get her turn the next day so everyone is happy . Another example is when a manager creates a list of duties and every day someone different gets the responsibility of carrying those duties out.

Another way to create effective workplace relationships is create work groups so no one in the workplace works entirely alone.

A work place is a group of people who get together for a particular reason. It can consist of two people, for example you and your supervisor, or 20 people or more. Work groups are often made up of people who have different types of skills. By working together, everybody's skills are used and more is achieved. To work successfully, all members of a team need to understand what goal they are working towards, and to communicate and cooperate with each other in order to achieve that goal.

The group leader may decide what tasks are needed and inform the group and allocate them. Once the group's goals and tasks are identified, individual members are allocated responsibility for activities. While tasks that people are given generally depend on their skills, you may sometimes be given responsibility for tasks that require you to learn...