"It was wonderful being a women in the world of Wuthering Heights" Comment on this statement, by Shakespeare

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"It was wonderful being a women in the world of Wuthering Heights" I disagree. Because the three women in the world of Wuthering Heights were not happy. The three women were Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Linton, Isabella Linton. Three of them had different kinds of things happened on them, which made them unhappy, sad or even die. Because of these they didn't have any peace in their lives.

For Catherine Earnshaw, she was not wonderful being a women in the world of Wuthering Heights. She falls in love with the boy whose her father brought back on the road called Heathcliff. But after her father died, her brother Hindley brought Heatchliff so low. Catherine had said that to Nelly, "Edgar asked me to marry him and I accepted it. I t will degrade me if I marry with Heathcliff. I can use Egdar money to help to bring Heathcliff up and so he can leave under my brother power."

Heathcliff heard it and ran out the house and didn't came back. Catherine was heart broken and moved to Thurcross Grange and stay there. Later she married with Edgar Linton. Catherine love Heathcliff so much but couldn't marry him but be the wife of Edgar. Later Heathcliff came back and Catherine was overjoyed and didn't know that this will change her a lot. Edgar and Heathcliff hated each other, they had a quarrel in the kitchen which made Catherine felt very angry. Edgar was angry also because his wife didn't helped him but encourage him to fight with her love. Catherine didn't feel happy at all. After this ,Catherine became sick. One day, Heathcliff came and visit her when Edgar go to church. Catherine forgive Heatcliff and asked him to forgive her too. But Heathcliff refused. They...