Why Study Language?

Essay by hpx8400 September 2006

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There are millions of people all over the word, and there are so many different countries. We all are the same, but then why do we speak so many different languages? Wouldn't having just one language be easier? Then nobody would have any problems communicating. I think life would be boring if everyone would speak the same. There would be no accents, no questions, and no interest in learning something new. We wouldn't be able to learn something that can open totally new and different worlds. Because we have so many different languages, we have this opportunity and reason to learn foreign language.

Whenever we go visit another country, we are lucky if we can find someone who can speak our language. Sometimes we can find someone who speaks English, because most of the people learn English at school. But what happens when we go to foreign country, for vacation or other reasons, and everyone speaks language that you have never heard before? We just need directions or a place to eat, but we can't say a word, and if we do, no one understands us.

It's a terrible feeling. I can say that because I have felt the same way so many times.

More and more people decide to learn a second or even third language. It gives us more opportunities to go through life. Everyone should know at least two languages. It helps us not only for traveling .It helps us to communicate more. It helps us to find more

people and a better job. And when we learn new language, we not only learn communicating, but we also learn new culture. It can be helpful and interesting; I think it opens a whole new world for us. Anne Austin says, "foreign language training is useful generally. Knowing...