Why do they commit suicide?

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The public is constantly reminded of Vietnamese students' problems like drug and alcohol abuse and unsafe sex on college campuses but is rarely warned of their recent suicidal tendency. A recent study done by Nguyen Hang, a reporter of Women's Newspaper, shows that suicide is second only to accidents as the leading cause of death among Vietnamese college students. (Vi Sao Ho Quyen Sinh) Why do these young people with so bright a future have to seek death? This essay will discuss three main reasons for Vietnamese students' suicidal tendency.

First, breakups in love affairs account for a remarkable percentage of suicidal cases among Vietnamese students, or to be exact, 65% as Nguyen Hang reported. (Vi Sao Ho Quyen Sinh). Being away from home for the first time and living in such a big city as Hanoi, these students cannot avoid the feeling of loneliness at certain moments. Thus, a partner becomes their indispensable source of consolation.

However, when love ends, these students, especially females, tend to be shocked and may think of death as the only release. This results in many pitiful deaths on campus including the most recent case of a female freshman at College of Foreign Languages, Vietnam National University, Hanoi who garroted herself in her college dorm.

Secondly, study stress is also the impetus for students' suicidal behavior. The transition between a pupil and a student brings about many changes in learning atmosphere as well as learning styles, to which many students find it difficult to adapt. Consequently, their marks gradually slip and they are constantly obsessed with the feeling that they cannot keep up with their peers. This results in clinical depression among new students, especially those who used to be the best pupils. In a reckless moment, some may seek a solace in death.