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Analysis of Western India Limited


Western India Limited (WIL) is a 100 percent Indian company, which has been in existence for about thirty years. For the first twenty years, it was a subsidiary of a well-known British company. In its period of existence, WIL has grown tremendously with about 25 thousand customers worldwide and also executed over 400 major contracts. WIL's product and service mix include water filters; all engineered items, chemicals, as well as equipment required for effective water treatment and environmental management.

Even though WIL has done very well in the distant past as well as in the recent past, its operations are currently quite poor and seem to be driving it out of business.

The objective of this report is to identify the problems (where things went wrong), do an analysis (why things went wrong), outline the possible consequences as well as suggestions.


- Inability to satisfy customers, due to:

- Slow or No response to customer requests

- Slow or No response to customer suggestions

- Slow or No response to customer complaints

- Inability to handle competition

- Does business at a loss by giving heavy discounts

- Bad pricing strategy

- Payment terms does not put after sales service into consideration

- Unable to adhere to delivery schedule

- Poor after sales services

- Inability to educate clients on the delivered product

- Failure in execution of projects

- Poor communication amongst employees and departments

- Poor communication with clients


A basic fact inferred from the case is that the successful management of technology, reputation, as well as the company as a whole started going down the drain the moment the British Company pulled out.

In other words, the managers who took over the company had very little knowledge about how...