West Conflict

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Conflict in the west

The History of the conflict in the Middle East is long and

well documented. To both, and to many biased observers the history

of the Egyptian/Israeli conflict is very one sided, with one

government, or one people causing the continued wars between the

two neighboring states. But, as any social scientist of any reputation

will state, all international conflicts have more than one side, and

usually are the result of events surrounding, and extending over the

parties involved. Thus, using this theory as a basis, we must assume

that the conflict between Israel and Egypt is more complicated than a

partial observer would see it. For the purpose of this paper, we are

going to examine the basic factors of Egypt's Involvement and conflict

with Israel, with some emphasis on the involvement of the United

State, and the Western Nation in this conflict. Also, I wish to pay

particular attention to the question of who, or what brought these

countries into conflict.