What were the economic effects of Nazi policies towards Jews and towards women?

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There were many Nazi policies that effected Jews and women. In this essay I will look closely at the economical effects it had on them.

Women were encouraged to have a lot more children. There were even medals if you had a certain amount of children. Four was bronze, six silver and eight gold. Holders of the award were given an honoured place at Nazi meetings. The Nazis believed that women and men had different roles in life. A man was either a worker or a solider, a women's role was to stay at home and have children. The Nazis were worried about the decline in the birth rate so a massive propaganda campaign was launched to promote motherhood and large families. As so many women were leaving the workforce to have children this meant that there were a lot of jobs left for men to take over and as women weren't included in the unemployment figures it would have seemed like there was a lot less unemployment.

The Nazis also gave out marriage loans to couples and gave young women, especially newlyweds, mother craft and home craft classes.

The Nazis ideal mother was of Aryan race. This meant that they were blonde, heavy-hipped, athletic, in a full skirt, wearing flat heels and no make-up. They didn't go to work or smoke, they used up all the left overs when they cooked and brought their children up as loyal Nazis.

However by 1937 the Nazis realised that they also needed women workers. As more men were joining the army the Nazis introduced a compulsory "duty year" for women which usually included helping at a farm. However after four years of being told not to work many women objected to the duty years. However as the men joining the army were...