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Web design is the design of web pages. Web page consists of text and images. A website is a collection of information about a particular topic or subject. There are many web sites that reached success because of a good web design. When we say a web design is good, it doesn't mean that the web design has to have too much decorative such as too much colors or graphics. A web design is good when it is naturally pleasing to the eye of the online users, and, more importantly when it is able to satisfy and provide the needs of the users. A good web design must be convenient to provide users with systematic approaches to do what they need. Systematic approaches mean that the web design must provide the users with functions and buttons that will help them do what they need to do and go where they need to go.

This characteristics lead to usability features that must always be a part of a good web design.

Types of websites

"Designing a website is defined as the arrangement and creation of web pages that in turn make up a website" (Wikipedia). Their are many types of web sites, some sites are meant to specialize in a particular subject. Information sites contain content that is intended to inform visitors about what they are researching. Community site "a site where persons with similar interests communicate with each other, usually by chat or message boards, such as MySpace"(Wikipedia). Review sites are sites where people post reviews and any information on products or services. Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo are sites that provide general information used to look for other sites. Shock site is used for images or material that is intended to offend people by the material that...