Waiting in vain

Essay by bench1987 August 2006

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I am wondering at this very minute if you are thinking of me. Many times I thought maybe you're the one I've been waiting and prayed for, only to be disillusioned by the fact that most probably my wait has not yet ended and I got caught up again by my love-fool, hopeless romantic mode.

Nevertheless, I get up each morning hoping, dreaming, longing to meet you.

I am thinking of how we will meet, would it be as romantic as the ones I have seen in movies? Or is it possible that I have known you all my life but we have yet to realize that we are meant for each other? In my dreams, we were never apart. In my dreams you kept me close. In my dreams you loved me the most. In my dreams we're always together. Haayyy...might as well be dreaming forever...

Well, it's just that I missed you.

There are times when I hear nothing from you, that I wished the day would come that you'll miss me terribly that no matter how hard you look for me, you won't find me. Why? Because, I want you to miss me the way I'm missing you right now...Maybe then, you won't give me the agony I'm feeling when waiting for your call.