Volkswagens' Management Strategies

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Executive Summary

Volkswagen has been one of the leading motor vehicle manufacturer for a long time. With all the competition in the automotive industry, it has been challenging for Volkswagen to get into the position that they are in now. They are involved in almost every type of car market out. Teenagers can enjoy the Volkswagen Jetta, while parents would love the Tourareg. Volkswagen has even put a foot into the exotic car industry with expensive automobiles such as the Bentleys and Lamborghinis.

The management of Volkswagen is responsible for turning Volkswagen into a global manufacturer. Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder, former CEO of Volkswagen, implemented his model strategy and with their various business strategies, the management team was able to find ways to please all types of consumers in the huge automotive market. Everyone needs a car and Volkswagen has been able to offer cars to fit every category.

Volkswagen was an important innovative company, because they introduced their multi-brand strategy to a new level, getting a piece of every market.

If one market did not do as well as projected, Volkswagens' brand popularity and quality has been able to perform in other car markets.


Volkswagen AG (VW) is the largest motor vehicle manufacturer in Europe, and the fourth largest in the world. Volkswagen manufacturers economic and luxury automobiles, sports cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles through nine independent brands that include Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat, Skoda and Rolls-Royce (until finalization of sale to BMW). These brands originate in six different European countries, and span customer base, cost and function. Each brand has a 'distinct personality', yet is unified under the parent Volkswagen Group that consists of all of Volkswagen's individual brands and subsidiary divisions. The Volkswagen Group's activities primarily focus on the automotive market in which they offer...