Varsity Membership and Academic performance in Math, Science and English

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This research is all about how varsity membership and academic performance in Mathematics, Science and in English. This would help us, teachers, students, parents and other people know how varsity membership would affect the academic performance of the students. This would also help us answer our problems concerning about the performance of the students academically.

Global articles from Willams College states that the grades of their athletes are lower that the grades of our non-athletes, they're often weaker students. Many of the poorest students are athletes.Most of the athletes are poor in their academic performance. The athletes in other countries are famous but they are very slow and very poor academically because they are focusing in their sports and being a varsity team. But not all school in other countries will allow failing sutdents to be part of the varsity team, they have rules that players should have a certain average score in their academics but not most of the school.

The main goal for this study is to know how varsity membership affects the academic performance of the high school students of our school SY 2005-2006. This may also help the students to limit their focus on sports and help them concentrate to their studies first than playing. This can help the student on how to manage their time, and to be a good athlete and at the same time a good student.