Value Of Work

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Obtaining and upholding work is something that is very influential in both my growth as an individual and my understanding of self-sufficiency and discipline. For an adolescent, having a job not only teaches independence, it also makes me understand the value of self-sufficiency and determination. As being a part time worker since the age of fourteen, I find the purpose of working to be very valuable to me as well as to my life. As young as I was at the age of 7 when I moved to the United States , I saw how hard my mother worked to make a living for my family, and from then on I made a promise to myself that as soon I was able, I would do what I could to help them as well.

My mother's hard work and determination to better herself is the main reason I feel that working is such an essential aspect to growing up.

I saw how hard my mother worked to gain a better life and a new start in America. She gave up so much to ensure comfort and well being for our family. At times, my mother worked two jobs to maintain a lifestyle I was used to. I remember times when my mom would come home in the late evening after working her second job, I would do the best I could to prepare her dinner and even clean the house if it was disheveled. It was my part in the household, and my way of taking initiative to give back to my mom for taking such good care of me. This was my first interaction with working. Even though it wasn't much, and wasn't necessarily employment, it was my "job" for the time being. My work around the house was valued...