Value of Well Planned Recruitment and Selection

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Without following a proper recruitment and selection procedure in any organization it is impossible to achieve the company goals and objectives. It is the duty of HR department in every organization either small or large they must have to follow the procedures of recruitment and selection, which is defined, by HR department.

For example, if a company recruit such a person without following the proper procedures and after few days they come to know that the person hasn't the proper knowledge of that work off course the company work is affected. On the other end if the company recruit such a person who has proper knowledge of working the company will remain satisfy with his work and the company doesn't been suffer. So it is only possible to recruit and select the right person for the job if organizations will follow the procedures of recruitment and selection process that is still by HR department.


The aim of recruitment and selection process is to select the best candidate for the job. This process includes the following steps:

a) Doing the employment planning and forecasting to determine the duties of the position to be filled.

b) Building the pool of candidate for the job by recruiting either internally or externally.

c) Having candidate to fill out an application form.

d) Using various selection techniques like test, background investigation.

e) Sending to the supervisor one or more candidate who is responsible for job.

f) Having the candidate go through one or more selection interviews.


If we want to get the right and best suitable employee for our organization then we have to follow few steps, which are:

a) Employment Planning and Forecasting:

Employment planning is the process of formulating...