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Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations


Don Hernandez is the CEO of US Healthsolutions (USHS). Don Hernandez is a private venture that offers services to healthcare organization on education along with comprehensive packages. These services include electronic medical record storage, advance healthcare directives, universal data forms and insurance links to workers compensation forms. USHS offers these services through educational seminars that are contracted by legal and medical communities. These services are to provide emergency information rather than individual medical history. Healthcare providers would be able to access their medical history is emergency situations. In addition to these services, USHS would be able to provide cost effective seminars to companies of 1,500 employees or more.

Presently, one thing that USHS offers that stand out from their competitors is educational seminars that educate and provide legal assistance that make USHS an important asset to healthcare providers. Customers are buying guaranteed solutions for trouble-free operations.

So the key is to develop and deploy the right capabilities -- and to structure the organization so these capabilities match customers' needs. Don Hernandez along with Jim Keister Vice President of marketing for USHS wants to offer a service that was not available from a single company elsewhere.

Historically, USHS has leapt to prominence by starting to take a significant market share in some specific parts of the software infrastructure market. For example, USHS had first-year enrollee break even cost of between $69 and $119 per employee (primarily from the costs of producing the seminars and developing/ updating the medical record), depending on the number of employees participating in the session and the strategy that USHS decided on for entering the market.

USHS software is far and away the market leader. The software industry is very fast moving, and frequently throws up promising new...