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Having immigrated from a strict Middle-Eastern country to America five years ago had a great impact on major changes in my life; some made me a better person and some did not. Everyone who immigrates to America has to change in one-way or another or else they become outcasts in society. For many cultures as mine, Egyptian, the American way of living and culture is quit the opposite. The changes are most of the time mainly focused on religion, morality, traditions, and family values. Although a complete freedom of choice and worship is offered in this country and is protected by the constitution, a more practical way of living for an immigrant who wants to fit in society tends to follow the American way not the way he/she were raised in their homeland.

When people immigrate to America they have to throw their religion, morals, and values away to be able to fit in.

I came to America five years ago and that's exactly what I had to eventually end up doing to fit in society and carry out some sort of a normal life in America. Although America supports complete freedom of worship and is a Christian country in the eyes of the world, religion is hardly ever practiced in America as a society. From the dating scene to drinking to drugs and to the media, to fit in America is to be acceptable of all these things. Pre-marital sex, for example, hardly ever took place when I was living in Egypt and for the people that did it and became known about them, they became an outcast in their cities and were looked down upon. In America, they teach kids in Middle Schools how to use condoms. My sister is only twelve and she talks about kids at...