True Wisdom - The movie "King of the Hill" directed by Steven Soderbergh

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What is life? Life is like a big obstacle that tries to hold you down and just when you think your strong enough to get past it, its comes back the next day in some form or another.

Through learning about a young boy named Aaron who lived during the 1930's Depression Era, I noticed that we are not too different from each other. To us obstacles are an everyday occurrence and with each day our obstacles keep growing greater and greater until we finally overcome them and that's when we have found true wisdom.

In the movie "King of the Hill" directed by Steven Soderbergh, the protagonist is Aaron who must face very challenging and almost impossible obstacles throughout the story. His first obstacle is to cope without his mother's presence because she is sent to live in a sanitarium due to her worsening sickness. This event brought back memories of when my mother had to go to work all the time and how she was never home.

Through living by myself until ten o' clock at night everyday I've learned just like Aaron, how to prepare food for myself and to take care of the current place I was living in.

Probably Aaron's hardest obstacle he encounters is when his father takes a job as a traveling salesman and takes off, leaving Aaron completely alone. When Aaron was alone he had to scrape around his house to find anything at all to eat. He suffered though complete boredom and did anything he could to entertain himself and suppress his hunger. I can relate to this feeling when my mother went out of town and left me some money for food. Instead of conserving my money I spent it all in two days, eating out with...