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Experience Aloha!

The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) campaign was an extraordinary task. The premise was to inform the public about Hawaii, and to garner interest. The initial intent was to sell seats on Continental Airlines. What a wonderful thing it turned into. It provided a marketing vehicle that was unprecedented in the travel industry. It surpassed its own expectations, and provided a perfect marketing medium. Lets evaluate the 4 p's to better understand the campaign.


The product that was being marketed was the "Advantages of Hawaii" over the other vacation destinations. It provides samples of the nine islands. These samples were not simple brochures that are usually handed out by promoters. The HVCB showcased entertainment from Hawaii, as well as cooking, and craft making. It also addressed the needs of the golf enthusiast by providing a virtual golf driving range. Other samples were available that help the future traveler imagine they were already in Hawaii.

The product was multi-dimensional.


The cost of the marketing campaign was shared among corporate partners that would greatly benefit with the increase in Hawaii travel tourism. It was stated that is was a dual goal process. It not only liked consumers to the bureau, it also linked consumers to the corporate partners. It is obvious the project would benefit the Hawaii business industry as a whole.


The promotions were very well structured. It promoted all the wonderful differences offered by the Hawaii Island. It help the consumer answer the question; "Why not Hawaii?" The HVCB highlighted the cuisine, and entertainment industry, as well and the recreational options. It should a wide range of products that were used to attract the new visitor and the remind the old traveler why Hawaii was a wonderful choice of locations.


The HVCB...