Training and Development's Technological Change

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Technological Changes in Training and Development:

There has been some economic uncertainty with the rise of technological advancements in the workplace that has demanded a learning content from the training programs of companies to be delivered on an as-needs basis. There is an increasing amount of technological resources being used in training programs today, creating all of the elements needed for a positive learning environment that can be easily tied into the objectives of the company as they are assessed. Technology can create a learning environment that has a realistic impression on the employee with the meaningful content that can be easily related to in the job application. Employees are also finding more adaptability in their learning environments where they are actively involved in the elements of the learning design such as the pace, the where, and the how much in the delivery of training material. This gives the learning environment incredible flexibility for the elements of where, when, and who is involved the training programs.

This allows the employees and trainers to work and learn more in accordance to their schedules rather than to a set corporate time-table for training.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multimedia Training:

Multimedia is growing in popularity for the advantages they can bring to a company's training program such as allowing the trainees to review particular areas that are specific to their individual training needs. Multimedia provides the learners with an interactive instruction of training processes that maintains a consistency in the learning content and delivery of its content. Multimedia learning provides a cost-effective means for training related expenses found in the field expert instructors and in the price of valuable work time being exhausted in traditional classroom learning techniques. Additional advantages of multimedia training is its ability for learners to access information at...