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In order to make the simplest of websites, all one needs is the free program Notepad, and an understanding of HTML. But what if you want to take your website to the highest level? Then you would need extra programs to achieve the best effect.

Some of these programs are Textpad, Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Cascading Style Sheet.

Textpad is a 'powerful replacement for Notepad', and is more convenient than Notepad, requiring less learning to use, rather than having to learn and type out long strings of HTML codes.

Microsoft FrontPage is a less advanced than Macromedia Dreamweaver, but is more for wide public usage. Certain highlights are the 'professional design, authoring, data, and publishing tools needed to create dynamic and sophisticated Web sites.' Microsoft FrontPage is more suitable for business use.

Macromedia Dreamweaver is good for standard websites. It is 'industry-leading web development tool, enabling users to efficiently design, develop and maintain standards-based websites and applications.'

The program is in its 8th version currently. It is similar to FrontPage, more suitable for family use.

Cascading Style Sheet is 'is a simple mechanism for adding style (e.g. fonts, colours, and spacing) to Web documents.' It is used in many websites, and allows for greater flexibility in designing, and is very useful.

Aside from all these programs, a good image editor will also be useful. The basic is Paint. It is the most meagre of the bumper crop of good programs. Macromedia Fireworks is also good, allowing different layers and many pattern and gradient techniques. It is mostly used for links and buttons of web pages. But the ultimate imaging is the Adobe Photoshop. It is used for state-of-the-arts images of sleek designs, but requires great skills.

It no doubt takes great skills and the best...