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Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of an organization. New ideas can lead to programs that are superior to those that are already going on or planned in the organization. By using brainstorming, a powerful decision making tool, it can effectively generating radical ideas, and help people break out their thinking patterns into new ways of looking at things.

The purpose of a brainstorming session is to work as a group to define a problem, and find, through a team member's intervention, the best group decision for a plan of action to solve it. (Bartle, 2003, p1) We need to understand that we are aiming the success for the team, not for an individual. While utilizing this approach to decision making it is helpful to create some ground rules in order to maximize efficiency. Some ground rules that we can use as following:

- Criticism of ideas isn't allowed.

- All ideas, no matter how wild, are encouraged.

- The more ideas, the better.

- Every participant should try to build on or combine the ideas of others. (Bradbury, 2004, p1)

Brainstorming involves quickly recording a broad list of ideas, which can then be expanded and evaluated. During a brainstorming session, ideas should be generated as quickly as possible in order to develop the most creative and varied list of alternatives. Participants in the brainstorming process should come from as wide a range of disciplines as possible. This brings a broad range of experience to the session and helps to make it more creative.

There are several different brainstorming processes, such as round robin, nominal technique, and Post-It Note brainstorming (DeJanasz, Dowd, and Schneider, 2001, p398). I am working in AR department in a large employment service Company named Apple One. My manager often use round robin brainstorming process to...