The Three Pigs of Today

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There was once a mother pig that had three children. She suddenly grew ill. As her dying wish, she impressed upon her three little piglets to grow strong and strive for greatness.

The first pig decided that strength and greatness meant becoming rich and powerful. He amassed a great fortune and purchased the most technological house around. He felt he was the greatest of the three brothers.

The second pig believed that heading a family is the key to strength and greatness. He married well, landed a respectable job and acquired a well-built house made of wood. He felt he was the greatest of the three brothers.

The third pig believed that strength and greatness would be found in hard work and humility. He was not financially wealthy and had the smallest house. He worked hard and took great pride in his work. He felt that he had exceeded his mother's wishes.

One day a wolf came to the door of the first pig. "Excuse me, but would you have time to help me bake a cake?" The pig laughed and said that he was the richest person in the world and that he had no time for silly things like baking a cake. He paid others to do that for him.

The wolf came back the next day with an EMP, destroyed the security system on the first pig's house, and killed the rich, elitist pig.

The wolf, feeling hungry again a few days later, went to the second pig's house. "Excuse me, but would you help me bake some bread?" The second pig laughed and told the wolf that he had a wife to do the cooking.

The wolf came back to the chauvinistic pig's house the next day and burned it to the ground. He enjoyed a meal of bacon and hot dogs.

Once again the wolf was craving to cook something, so he went to the third pig's house. "Excuse me, but would you help me make a sandwich?" The third pig replied, "I have been working hard all day and I am starving. I think some company and sandwiches would be great! Please come in!" So the two spent the rest of the night eating and talking. The wolf lauded the pig's greatness and they began a lifelong friendship.