Thesis statement: "The Simpsons represents one of the greatest animated shows in the history of television."

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The animated television show "The Simpsons" premiered in a weekly spot in the year 1989, when I was just six months old. The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening, and he named all of the Simpson family after his immediate family, except Bart, which is an anagram for brat. The Simpsons first appeared before and after commercials for Fox's "Tracy Ullman Show". These thirty second long shorts were a big hit, despite the crude sketches and animation. In 1989, the show was commissioned into a whole series, and even with the rough animation, the show was extremely popular. The Simpsons is now the longest running television show in the world, and holds that record in "The Guinness World Record Book".

The Simpsons is extremely popular with all age groups, because the material in each show can appeal to a wide array of audience. The show has proved its popularity with many awards, such as: twenty-one Emmys, six ASCAP awards, twenty-two Annies, one Peabody award, and numerous others (1).

The Simpsons even have their own spot (for the Simpson family, not the shows creators) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The show also holds the award for "the most celebrities featured in a cartoon television series (2)" and has featured over 340 celebrity guests as of episode 300. Some of the guests include; Kelsey Grammar, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Elizabeth Taylor. The Simpsons was also the most-searched for show in 2001-2002 according to Google, the worlds largest search engine.

The Simpsons is my (and many others') favorite television show. The show has developed a very strong fan base, and is currently in the 16th season. A new generation, just growing up, is also being introduced to this show, and new fans are being created. The success of...