Temination in the workplace

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What is termination?

In general term: The act of ending and concluding.

(Australian English Dictionary, 1996, p. 554)

In business term: The voluntary and involuntary bringing to an end of a contract of employment, which may be done or occur in a number of ways. i.e. giving proper notice of resignation, dismissal or retrenchment due to redundancy, summarily for employee misconduct.

(CCH Macquarie Dictionary of Business, 1993)

Causes of termination in the workplace




Poor work performance



Engaging in illegal activities

Types of Termination

Voluntary termination

Voluntary termination is also known as resignation. It occurs when an employee resigns from the organisation based on his or her decision. Resignation is a common practice as employees move forward with their careers and personal lives.

Involuntary termination

Involuntary termination is the type of termination referred to when someone is fired or sacked from employment.

There are 3 types of involuntary termination.

Poor performance

This occurs when an employee performs poorly on the job consistently for some period of time.

Termination for just cause

This occurs when an employee seriously jeopardizes his/her fellow employees or the company. This includes stealing from the company or on-the-job sexual harassment

Restructuring or layoffs

Restructuring or layoffs are also known as "downsizing" or "redundancy", which are not firings. This type of involuntary termination is unique, because the employee is not terminated because of his/her own actions.

What is unlawful termination?

Some sackings are simply against the law. It is unlawful for an employer to sack someone for:

temporary absence from work due to illness or injury;

union membership or involvement in union activities;

temporary absence due to a voluntary activity.

Notice of Termination

All workers must get notice of compensation in lieu of notice.

Employees period of service Period of Notice

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