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Sydney Harbour Bridge

The idea for The Sydney Harbour Bridge came as early as 1815 although it wasn't until 1922 that the bridge was commissioned to be built. This was during the Great Depression. It provided work for approximately 1400 men. It took eight years, six million hand driven rivets and 5,300 tonnes of steel to construct the bridge.

On the 19th of March, 1932, the Bridge was opened by the NSW Premier. Unfortunately for Lang, before he had the chance to open the bridge, Captain Francis De Groot rode his horse towards the rope and slashed it with his sword.

The harbour bridge is still one of the major crossings into the city of Sydney, and will be for many years to come. It should obviously be preserved as it has been such an iconic landmark in the country for so many years, with proper maintenance and education on the historical values and and understanding on the engineering of the bridge it will continue to be a large factor in our short history.

Cockatoo Island

In 1857, the Fitzroy dry dock was built and in 1890 the Sutherland Dry Dock was built on Cockatoo Island. Workshops for building and repair of ships were also built, and between 1904 and 1908 engine shops, slipways and cranes were established.

In 1913 the Commonwealth Government took over Cockatoo Island as a defence establishment. It became one of the militaries most important naval tools. It not only In 1915 , during world war one, a total of 2,800 people were working at Cockatoo Island, of which 1,550 were in the shipyard. The numbers kept increasing but started declining during the 1920s to about 300 in 1933. With the Second World War, the workforce increased with workers building ships as well as...