Summary of Article: "We're open and tolerant, but we have our problems" by Daphne Bramham

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In his article "We're open and tolerant, but we have our problems" (Vancouver Sun, July 1, 2006), Daphne Bramham defended Canada's national value as an open, fair, and free country. The author starts by highlighting certain problems we are facing that may contradict what makes Canada as it is today. Firstly, its openness and tolerance incurred some biased blames from other countries regarding terrorism. Secondly, people who settled down earlier and have been accustomed to a less diversified, less competitive, and more peaceful lifestyle are feeling alienated. Thirdly, the various regional, social, and cultural backgrounds sometimes pose challenges for its members to mingle well. The author foresees that the society's composition changes only slowly. The author give us an example, for a long time already and 10 years into the future, although about 1/4 of population will be immigrants, 2/3 or all citizens will still be Caucasians.

In addition, Christianity will still be the largest religion. The author suggests that Canada's value system should be strengthened by both the law makers and every citizen. On the government side, it should solve social problems like creating more employment opportunity for skilled immigrant workers, and modernizing the aboriginal areas with more effective strategies. She considers the government is on the right track by facing past responsibilities towards its Chinese and Japanese immigrants, and positively looks forward to seeing more achievements by the current responsible government. On the personal side, the author encourages that we each should familiar ourselves with Canada's constitutional cornerstones: rights and freedom for everyone, regardless gender, ethic group, religion, sexual preference, etc. On the base of that, she hopes that we can show more polite and niceness toward each other for we show the outside world as a country.