What is Success to you?

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I define success as achieving ones goals or dreams no matter what they may be. You can achieve success by doing whatever it is that will help you reach your goal. For example,if a persons dreams were to become a famous movie star, they wouldn't get anywhere by doing nothing, for their dreams of becoming a movie star would only be a fantasy. Instead, that person would take acting classes, perform in plays and would do their best to make their self known so that maybe someone important would see them and help them achieve their dream of becoming a movie star. Another example, would be becoming a professional basketball player. If ones dreams were becoming a professional basketball player, they would not achieve their dream by sitting down and waiting for it to happen, they would have to wok for it, and I don't mean by getting a job.

Instead, that person would practice every day and every night until they believe that they are the best. Then would challenge others until they became the best and was known as the best, so that someone important could see them and ask them to become apart of his or her team, therefore, achieving their dream of becoming a professional basketball player. One knows that they are successful when they have achieved their dreams or goals in life, weather it is becoming a famous movie star or even a professional basketball player. One also knows that they are successful when they have the feeling of satisfaction flowing through their body and can relax.

According to the American dictionary success is defined as the achievement of something attempted, the gaining of fame or prosperity, and one that succeeds, basically defining my definition of success on other words. In...