A Subversion of the Gothic Classic "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe

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Once upon a midnight dreary, soaring through the skies enlivened and freely,

I sighted a library, full of quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore

To beckon the inhabitant, I began tapping,

I was gently rapping, rapping at the chamber door

From within I hear muttered "Tis some visitor tapping at my chamber door"

Twas all I heard, just that, and nothing more

Impatiently, I continued to tap harder, unwilling to linger

From within once more, the words came "Sir, or Madam, truly yours forgiveness I implore"

The man claimed to be napping, before I began rapping

Apparently as I was tapping, tapping at his chamber door

Not long after, he heard me and now, he came to open wide, the door

He did not see me; he saw darkness and nothing more

Twas not long before I heard him muttering, muttering of some lost "Lenore"

An echo sounded to his amusement, through the chamber floor

So once again I began tapping, continuously rapping

As I continued to loiter, loiter by the chamber door

Again noting my presence, he began to explore

Dismissing my rapping as the wind...and

nothing more

So he flung the shutter, I began to flirt and flutter,

Majestically appearing in the chamber of volumes of lore

He uttered "though thy crest be short and shaven, thou art sure no craven"

Without hesitation he asked my "lordly name on the Night's Plutonian shore"

A name I do not have, a name has not been given to me before

Mocking him I said "nevermore"

The man began to question, the reason for my exhibition

I remained stagnant; I resolved not to move anymore

Evidently for what he was after, had I not no answer

For me to say there was nothing more

There was nothing I could...