A Stylistic Analysis of "The Woman of Wilendorf"

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My formal analysis will be describing how I see the image Woman of Willendorf. Before I start to describe what I see I want to give you the general information given under the picture I am using in the textbook. The name of the image is Woman of Willendorf, from Austria, c. 22,000 - 21,000 BCE, carved from limestone, height 4 3/8" (11cm) (Stokstad 4).

Now that I have given you some very basic facts I will start my analysis. The statue is a little over 4 inches tall. Looking at it from the front it goes into a diamond shape with rounded edges from top to bottom. The widest center part of the diamond looks to be about 2 inches wide. The image is an obese nude woman's shape with no arms, no lower legs, and no face.

The top, or head of the image, is about the size and texture of a golf ball.

The dimpled texture that goes around the head looks like a hair pattern. This pattern goes completely around the head covering the face.

The image doesn't have a neck, so the round ball shaped head curves immediately into shoulders that stop where the arms should start and go straight down to outline the upper part of the torso. The lower part of the torso curves out dramatically, showing the obesity of the woman's stomach. In the center of the rounded stomach is a very deep belly button.

Above the belly sits the woman's breast. They are round and very large, covering the entire chest and middle section of her upper body. They are exaggerated to show the woman's obesity.

Below the belly are wide hips and thighs that match the largeness of the woman, but they taper inward to the knee giving the...