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Project managers are employed to be apart of the planning process every step of the way. "Defining the scope means breaking down the project deliverables into manageable tasks and establishing resources and milestones that can provide perspective on the project as a whole. By using the right tools and identifying a clear and concise scope and goal(s), managing projects successfully will become increasingly simpler than ever before. Riordan Manufacturing's project scope is to outline the details for the new material requirement planning (MRP) system as related to the tracking, managing of raw materials, and finished product inventory across the plants. This definition will describe in detail all the elements that will be involved in the development of the new MRP and how it will aid in reducing the expenditure costs affected in production. The goal or main objective for the MRP acquisition is to support the increased profit margin for the Riordan Manufacturing Company.

The Scope

The new system will involve and take into consideration the following points:

Cost- Define all the cost associated in developing, deploying and housing of the project.

Constraints- Define the constraints that may affect the project throughout the SDLC.

Risk- Define all the risk that may occur during or after the project.

Benefits- Define the benefits of the new MRP system and how it will affect the company and the customers

The Goals

The Goals of the project is to:

Improve the production of raw materials; through the implementation of the new MRP system process.

Develop an online automated process to share data between the plant and the customer, business to business (B2B) and supplier to plants.

Implement the online service using a SharePoint portal

Implement and support of high speed internet throughout the plants, which will aid with the transferring of data...