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*What kind of relationship does the narrator have with her daughter? In what ways has the narrator shown her love for Emily?

Throughout the story, it makes me feel there is no room for Mother and daughter relationship between the narrator and Emily-her daughter. Of course somehow there is a love, but not much for Emily. The mother realizes that she could do a better job; she does attempt to help Emily through the difficult years; she could bring a better careness for her daughter. But she is always busy and preoccupied with other children. "I was working, there were four smaller ones now..." and the result is "there was not time for her ". The mother counts on her four children not to let Emily go to school "I would keep her from school, too, to have them all together". That is a selfish reason to keep her daughter at home.

Emily deserves to go to school. I feel deeply sorry for her because it is horrible to take children out of the learning. Emily is still a child.

In many ways, the mother has controlled Emily's life and never realized that. She does not know that she has no time to raise and develop Emily emotionally, physically and financially. I think that during the time period in the story, it was during the great depression which would greatly explain all of the hardships and it would explain why Emily's mother wasn't with her a lot of the time because she was taking whatever job she could. Until Emily has turned nineteen, the responsibilities of a woman in society changed.

Poor communication is a big problem that creates a wall between Emily and her Mom. I think the ways the narrator treat her daughter is the main reason. It...