Sports and the media(how media affect teenagers and generally people)

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Is media coverage positive or negative??

Sporting events have brought us great memories and plenty of entertainment throughout our society for years. Superstars, idols, and heroes are founded through this great industry. Sports have developed drastically and it will only continue to grow, however there are many obstacles that seem to be slowing this process down. Is our media causing unnecessary chaos? Are athletes becoming money hungry or are they still playing out of love? These questions and more are going to be answered in this project...

Successful sportsmen and sportswomen are able to enjoy more status than the rest of us in today's society. Sports are treated like Celebes; wherever they go there is always paparazzi. People admire these sportspeople because of their wealth and fame. Media always brings up their glamour, success and failures. It even tells us about their private lives; who is marrying who, what they wore in a special event etc.

And that brings us to the influence they have on fashion trends in our society. A classic example would be sweat bands used to be utilized for absorbing sweat today we use them as fashion accessories. Sport uniforms like soccer- shirts and basketball- outfits have been mad very popular by the actual sport. People most likely to follow these trends are the youth-those who are trying to define themselves.

Thereby, sport has positively affected each and every family. It brings people closer and allows families to have a positive outlet for anger and frustration. In today's modern times we find it difficult to keep fit and obesity is knocking on almost every body's door. Youth, in particular, gets mostly influenced and that affects what they do.

For example, the movies that they like to watch are influenced by sports and the media. Movies like...