The Splitting of the Philippine Nation

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The Philippines is ailing, almost lifeless to witness hope that soon we will become a great nation. What is deplorable about our nation is we are not even close being a novice with political turmoil. We already endured a long history of political mayhem, we even had more serious disarray than this but never in the history of the Philippines had that political unrest caused unimaginable degree of economic impact to the nation - specifically to the poorest of the poor. The Filipino people turned out to become poorer and much less reasonable. Our country is already a splitting nation and death as a nation is already knocking at our door step.

To split a country constitutes a major disagreement between opposing factions. But to distinguish a death or rebirth of a nation requires an even more than understanding of the results and measurable outcome of how these are affecting the majority.

Historically, other nations underwent worst political turmoil as well - killing each other before they became an imposing nation. Democratic super powers like USA, France, Great Britain, and etc. during their time were in great mayhem of domestic struggle as well - all tasted the bitterness of civil wars.

A Functional Democracy is an Operative Catalyst in Building a Nation

Although many might disagree, I always see that democracy, democratic governance that is based on a country's culture and economic modalities, is an operative catalyst in building a nation. Despite the passionate debate on how much credit the democracy can claim for prospering a democratic country, various theories have been put forth, all of them controversial. It has been argued that, "it is not democracy that causes economic prosperity, but rather the other way around: prosperous nations will tend to become democracies."

One great example is the Philippines,