Smoking, a Dangerous Habit

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Smoking is the kind of habit that leads to addiction. It is a dangerous habit because it can cause lung disease in tobacco smokers and those who inhale second hand smoke. In my opinion, smoking is a selfish behavior which is not only dangerous for smokers but also for the non-smokers around them. Smoking is the most dangerous habit that a person can have since it is unhealthy, addictive, and disgusting.

Smoking is a dangerous habit to develop because it is unhealthy. By unhealthy I mean it can be the cause of many serious diseases in both tobacco smokers and people around them. For example, teenagers who smoke are less fit than their non-smoking peers and more likely to experience shortness of breath, dizziness, and coughing. It is estimated that one third of teenagers who start smoking will eventually die from lung cancer or have their lives shortened by an average of 13-15 years.

In addition to the health risks of smoking tobacco for teenagers, mothers who smoke during pregnancy have a 50% higher risk of giving birth to a mentally retarded infant. Researchers also claim that smoking in the home can cause asthma and ear-infections in children.

In addition to being unhealthy, smoking is also addictive. Many smokers suffer because they can not quit smoking. For example, my uncle is a heavy smoker. He smokes one pack of cigarettes or more per day. He is aware of how expensive and dangerous this habit is for him, but he can never quit. My uncle is spending lots of money on this expensive habit which he knows is dangerous for his health. As a result of all the money he scarifies for this habit, he only shortens his life and endangers his children's health.

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