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The Salem witch trails all started in 1692 around the time of January,

when a group of young girls were throwing fits. They had seizures and were

screaming with their strange behavior. When the doctor could find no

medical cause the town jumped to the conclusion of Satan. They had figured

that witches had invaded Salem and were possessing everyone.

Around February the village prayed and fasted to get rid of the devil and tried to

banish him from the village. At first the girls blamed no one. After intense

questioning by adults they identified a couple of people. Most of the people

that were identified were middle age women, but also some man and even a

four-year-old child. One of the people was Tituba, a slave. She confessed

later but only to save her own life. Around the time of March the girls

accused Martha Corey. During this time many more people were accused of

being witches or associated with the devil.

In June time the hangings began and started with the hanging of

Bridget Bishop. In October criticism grew and people were getting spectacle

about the whole thing. They began to realize how foolish and stupid this

was .In 1693, the governor formed a new court, which worked under strict

evidentiary guidelines. He forbade further trials. By the

end of it all hundreds had been accused, twenty-seven put on trial, Nineteen

of the supposed witches were hanged. One had the cruel fate of being

crushed to death by stones , He had a chance to confess but he would rather

have died. Four died waiting in prison. Some of the claims were

made over property or just out of not liking another person. They were al

ssmade up by the original fits of the girls