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Success in today's highly connected economy depends an organization's ability to provide more than great products, pricing and sales techniques. Every business whether large or small, needs an edge; a set of dynamic strengths which lays a solid foundation for a strategic position against the competition. With SMAC IT, our edge is our growing suite of managed services and our highly experienced consultants. With this edge, we are able to pass our expertise to others to give then an edge in their business.

SMAC IT has developed a suite of support offerings that could be deployed together or independently to create a comprehensive support plan for small and midsize businesses. We can deliver a range of services from basic performance and availability monitoring to full-service application and infrastructure management, problem diagnosis and resolution.

Our customers have access to a wide variety of services that offer new ways to increase margin opportunities and reduce expenses.

However, the real value of our services is the creative ways our consultants incorporate our services.

SMAC IT is made up of four IT professionals. The firm's intellectual capital allows for a smaller amount of startup capital. Standing the Firm up will take a great deal of marketing to vault SMAC IT into the small business world. Our firm does not build or sell any product. We consult small businesses on how to create a more streamlined IT department. In some cases we will recommend anything from upgrading equipment to evaluating processes currently in place. SMAC IT will contract reputable companies to implement any changes identified, keeping within the clients budget and still offer a quality service. Our firm is built around IT subject matter experts lending small businesses our knowledge of how to streamline their IT department while still adding money to the bottom line.