Should Abortion be Made Available Freely on Demand?

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Abortion is the forceful expulsion of a fetus to, in essence, destroy it. This procedure has sparked widespread debate among people in multiple countries and cultures. Those who support the views of the mother are Pro-choice and those who support the rights of the child are Pro-life. No one can say whether it is worth bringing a child into a world where it will be resented. Some potential mothers are in situations in which giving birth to the child may result in the death of either it or the mother, many cannot support the child, some simply do not want it. In Australia at the moment, abortion is costly and only available under certain circumstances. Many deem the procedure a necessary and vital part of society. Should abortion be made available freely on demand?

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, most commonly associated with unnatural causes. When a pregnant woman does not want a child to be born, due to various reasons, a doctor may suggest anything from a chemical induced termination the a vacuum extraction, depending on the stage of gestation.

Chemicals are particularly efficient because the child is growing and absorbing substances at a rapid rate. While being solely dependent on few vulnerable structures.

Some females may become pregnant by mistake or may be unable to provide the resources necessary for proper child care. The latter is especially common with juvenile mothers or fetuses with a genetic disease. Even with a married couple and a perfectly normal child, mothering is difficult at the best of times. Reasons for abortion are varied; some reasons are more severe than others, but all are valid.

Pro-life supporters believe women do not have the right to destroy their fetus. They believe the fetus is a person and destroying it is...