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This is a short fairytale...It's kind of like beauty and the beast, except the characters are totally changed around...and I only had around 30 minutes to write enjoy!!

Once upon a time, there was a short, chubby boy. His face was covered by boils and zits. His name was Zach. He was constantly being teased and bullied, and couldn't stand up for himself. Zach admired the girls who could make bullies bawl their eyes out just by saying the word "no" to them.

Suddenly, the clock striked one o'clock. Zach heard the sound which made him shake with fear every time it was heard; Wendy the Bully's boots crunching on the gravel. She came closer and closer to Zach.

"Hey, you!" he shouted. Zach slowly turned his head, teeth chattering rapidly.

"Y-y-yes-s-s, s-s-sir-r?" replied Zach.

"Come with me!" Wendy demanded. When Zach didn't follow, Wendy grabbed the collar of Zach's shirt and held him off the ground.

"Does what I say not sound like anything to you? Huh? Is that it?" asked Wendy, spitting while doing so. Zach flinched with every word that was said.

"Hey! Put that poor boy down!" commanded a voice. Zach turned his head slowly, inch by inch, to see who his hero might be. To his surprise, he saw a handsome boy, who was fit to be a prince.

"I said, put him down!" he screamed, putting emphasis on the last three words. Wendy had not yet seem who the voice belonged to, and said, "Look. Who do you think you are? Can't you s-"

"Hey! You better do as I say by the time I count to three, otherwise, I will turn you into a frog!" Wendy slowly turned his head, and her eyes bulged when she saw him. He gasped.