Short Answer: How are you positioned to respond to young Australian drug smugglers in 'Drug Death Row'

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Alexander Carlton has manipulated various methods of construction in, 'Drug Death Row', in order to position the western democratic audience to respond with sympathy for the young Australian drug smugglers. We are positioned to view the young Australian's as naive, and therefore not responsible for their actions. Carlton encourages the reader to believe that countries such as, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, just to name a few, enforce overly strict laws in respect to drug trafficking. The article highlights the mistreatment many Australian's are subject to, after becoming sentenced for drug trafficking to such countries, and as a result encourages the reader to respond with sympathy for the victims of such a harsh law system.

Carlton has employed emotive language in the article to emphasis the harsh conditions many of the smugglers were forced to live in as a result of their conviction. We, as democratic readers, can forgive and dismiss these convictions as plain naivety, and thus sympathise with the youths for their often permanent loss of freedom.

This emotive language is evident when Carlton describes the cell of Schapelle Corby, "...her life in jail will still see her crammed in a tiny room like a caged animal. The walls and floors will be filthy and she'll spend much of her time battling the mosquitoes and cockroaches infecting her cell"(Drug Death Row). 'Caged animal' positions the reader to assume that Corby is treated inhumane and like an animal, living in conditions unfit for any pet of the western democratic world. The convicted youths become subjected to these conditions for long periods of time, often life, and this fact is reinforced throughout the article. These are young people that did not realize the consequences of such a crime, some purely trafficking the drugs for the financial benefits. Youth as...