Science is just an illusion.

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Science is championed by many in the world as the key to the future of mankind. It is true that scientists the world over have continued to make breakthroughs at breathtaking pace in a multitude of areas. Breakthroughs are made in areas such as genetics, molecular science and others. The resulting technologies have altogether made the life of mankind, as a whole, better. People now live longer than they did before, cures have been discovered for previously incurable diseases and mankind is virtually controlling time with leaps and bounds in transportation technology. People are getting increasingly steeped in the idea that science is able to solve all problems. To a certain extent, science has allowed us to mechanically shape things and take control, but that is where it all ends. In reality, there is still much that we cannot control.

Science and mathematics were made for each other. With the use of Mathematics a huge quantitative dimension of Science was revealed.

No longer do scientists have to qualify everything in words. Now, they could conjure up equations, which bound the state of one factor to another. Sir Isaac Newton, considered by many as the founding father of science, is famously known for his Laws of Motion. Through his equation relating force to the rate of change in momentum and Laws of Gravitation, humans have been able to predict to a considerable accuracy a lot of things. For example, astronomers today can predict the movement of celestial bodies. In a sense, mankind now knows what previously they thought were what the 'Gods' only know. This rigid structure of laws and equations that Science has established has not only allowed us to track the movement of the stars and the sun, it has also allowed us to make predictions in everything...