Schizophrenia In Life

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Chapter # 2 Mental Disorder Research


Schizophrenia is a severe psychotic disorder diagnosed by a variety of symptoms. The main

one is a significant impairment of judgment and mental function. The onset of the disease is

usually between the ages of fifteen and forty-five and the symptoms may vary in intensity

over many years. The onset of the disease is usually more significant in males than it is in females.

Children are not usually affected by this disease but in rare cases where it does appear it

involves poorly developed language development. Schizophrenia is a severe disturbance in the

brains functioning, also referred to as the broken brain.

The term "Schizophrenia" was introduced in 1911 by a Swiss psychiatrist, Eugen Bleuler. It comes

from the Greek word schizo meaning split and phrenia meaning mind. It is considered to be a split

from reality not meaning split as in two personalities.

In the 1950's many psychiatrists believed that

schizophrenia resulted from a form of trauma at an early age usually by the parents. There were

many of these myths that aren't true. There is still no simple test for the diagnosis of schizophrenia,

but there is a list of symptoms that may mean the person has it which are: inability to sleep, day and

night mixed up, social withdrawal, deterioration of relationships, unusual reactions to things,

hostility, flat expressionless gaze among many other symptoms to help diagnose someone.

A person that has Schizophrenia usually has chemical changes in the brain, changes of the

structure of the brain, and genetic factors. Viral infections and head injuries may also play a

role in becoming Schizophrenic. The nerve cells in the brain have branches that transmit and receive

messages from other nerve cells. The branches release a chemical called neurotransmitters which...