"The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst

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"The Scarlet Ibis" Outline

1. Brother did not care for Doodle and disregard Doodle in many ways.

a. When Doodle was born, Brother treated him meanly and did not care for him.

i. "Doodle was born when I was seven and was, from the start, a disappointment"

1. Brother thought that Doodle being born was a misfortune.

2. Since the day Doodle was born, Brother did not care for him and disregarded him.

ii. "He seemed all head, with a tiny body that was red and shriveled like an old man's. Everybody thought he was going to die"

1. Brother made fun of Doodle's characteristics about his big head and shriveled body.

2. Doodle was very embarrassed by his appearance.

iii. "Mama and Daddy named him William Armstrong. Such a name sounds good only on a tombstone"

1. Brother thought that his title, "William Armstrong" was a dissatisfactory name.

2. If Brother named him, Brother would make his name better in Brother's perspective.

b. Even when Doodle became an active part in Brothers life, Brother still did not care for Doodle.

i. "One time I showed him his casket, telling him how we all believed he would die"

1. Brother tried to frighten doodle by showing him the casket.

2. This comment is foreshadowing Doodle's death.

ii. "I decided to teach him to run, to row, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight"

1. Brother was expecting too much of Doodle.

2. Brother was doing this only so he would not be ashamed.

iii. "He would never be like the other boys at school"

1. Brother knew this was true, but did not tell Doodle.

2. If brother tried harder, he might have been able to tech him how to do all these things.

c. After Doodle...