Same sex marriages

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Same Sex Marriages is the union of two same sex partners. A legally recognized relationship established by a civil ceremony, who's intend is live together as sexual and domestic partners. It has many names such as same gender marriage, gay marriage, marriage equality, and homosexual marriage. Depending on the audience.

These terms a usually represents uncertain, confusion, inappropriateness, controversial, offensive, or some hidden implication.

Same Sex Marriages are supported by some and not by others. The APA in a press release states that it "recognizes the importance of the institution of civil marriage which confers a social status with important legal benefits, rights and privileges." Psychoychologist, Armand R Cerbone, who is a private practitioner in Chicago and Chair of the working group which studies the concept of same sex marriage states that, "Discrimination of all kinds takes a toll on people's health and psychological well being. In the context of huge society and political debate that is currently going on, APA and psychologists had to struggle with the issue of what psychology believers are in the public interest in this conversation.

Many religions do not believe in the concept of same sex marriages. In the bible for example when asked about marriage and divorce, Jesus said

"Have ye not read that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said for this case shall a man leave father and mother shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Jesus said that the divinely appointed relationship was for male and female." Math19:4-5.

The history of same sex marriages clearly defined a national movement for recognition and respect by a group that have been excluded from an inalienable right. The movement to open civil marriage to same-sex couples achieved its first temporary success...