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Samantha, a thirty seven years old certified nurse, lives in Washington D.C. She lives in M street by herself, since she can support her lonely self. Every day she does the same old thing. She goes to Howard Hospital at eight o'clock in the morning and comes home at five in the afternoon. Assigned to care for the elderly for the past six months, she has gotten extremely impatient with the patients. At work she tries to use her ethics and makes sure that the patients are given medication at the right time, watches the serum tubes, and wishes them good night with a smile before she leaves the hospital.

As soon as she is out of the hospital, she is a different person. At work she acts happy and is all smiles but when she is by herself she feels depressed. She walks to her car slowly. Before she takes off she looks at the little mirror in the car.

She observes her wrinkles in the face, the dark color beneath her eyes, and the gray hair that have increased dramatically recently. All depressed she lifts up the mirror and steps on the gas as though she is heading for a car race.

Since she got divorced ten years ago, her relationships with men had not been successful. Since she had not found success in love life, she lead a whore life. She is not a prostitute, but she would not say no to any man that asked her for sex. She was flattered at the thought that men still found her attractive and hoped that they would fall in love with her. That was never the case as they would dump her the next day. She would feel lonely, with a damaged self image, and low hopes...