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"I, Robot" is one of the most successful films in 2004. It is based on the short stories and the idea of Isaac Asimov. The science fiction stories of Asimov's novel and the movie are rather different, but nevertheless, it is quite good.

The movie starts off with showing the daily routine of Del Spooner's (who is played by Will Smith) life. It then moves on to his work. As a detective, he was called to USR (U.S. Robotics) to investigate the death of Alfred Lanning (played by James Cromwell). It seemed that Dr Lanning had committed suicide by jumping through the window of his office. But Spooner did not believe it.

As Del Spooner continues to follow the dead doctor's bread crumbs with the aid of Dr Susan Calvin (played by Bridget Moynihan), he unlocks more shocking secrets and questions. In the end, Spooner strongly suspected Robertson of USR for Lanning's death.

The ending is a surprising yet obvious one. The film's dramatic climax added to the suspense makes this movie a masterpiece.