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Riordan Manufacturing tasked Learning Team A to review the current inventory management and manufacturing procedures and make recommendations for improvements. Our emphasis will be placed on company requirements, current systems, and costs related to upgrades. The summary will focus primarily on the inventory management system, improvements, and the stakeholders of Riordan Manufacturing.

The greatest task facing Learning Team A is developing a system to efficiently manage the inventory functions of Riordan Manufacturing. Creating a reliable system to eliminate the need for inventory technicians to manually enter data into a system that is virtually ineffective will require close coordination by members of the inventory process and the information technology team. It is our hopes that upon reviewing current processes, we can make a decision on a system that will eliminate these concerns and provide better inventory support to our customers.

Riordan Manufacturing has several areas needing immediate attention. Inventory management can be improved at all company locations.

Concentrating on inventory will improve shipping, receiving, and vastly improve the stocking of plastics. The key procuring a system capable of tracking items manufactured and communicating this issues to Riordan Manufacturing outlying companies.

The stakeholders are simple, our customers. It is our aim to provide the best quality products in a timely fashion. How Riordan Manufacturing produces their products are just as important as delivering them to their customers. Riordan Manufacturing's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Hugh McCauley, is a very important stakeholder in this effort because of driving forces such as cost, productivity, and inventory benchmarks.

Learning Team A will review the current inventory and manufacturing procedures and report recommendations back to Riordan Manufacturing for final approval.

Identifying inventory improvements for Riordan Manufacturing plants that will increase productivity, accountability, and a more reliable method of maintaining product inventory will require the use of...