How the Revolution Was Won

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The battles of the Revolutionary War were different in each region that they took place in. The British won some battles and the Colonists won some battles. Each area influenced the outcome of the battles. The North produced weapons, the South provided food and the Middle-Colonies were known for their skilled generals. The results of the battles would eventually free the colonies.

The Colonial Army, led by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, won a battle at Ticonderoga and Crown Point. They then marched to Bunker Hill. The colonists did not win this battle, but they inflicted many casualties to the British Army. After these battles, the King of Britain, George III, declared the Colonies in an open rebellion. This ended any plans for a peaceful change in America.

The battles in New England were all about surviving the British attacks. Many battles ended with the colonists retreating. The war finally saw a turning point when George Washington led his army to a victory at Trenton and then at Princeton.

The major turning point happened at Saratoga, though. General Horatio Gates defeated the British General, Burgoyne. Immediately after this battle the French joined the Colonial forces. They wished to get back at the British for the 7 Years War. The British advance in New England was stopped.

The attacks were then focused on the South. The British plan was to take over the South and then move North. They succeeded in capturing Charleston and Georgia in 1780. General Nathaniel Green got rid of most of the British forces in Georgia and South Carolina later that year. The British were forced to retreat North into Virginia. They moved towards Yorktown where they thought they would get aid from their Navy. When they arrived, they found instead, the French Navy blockading the opening...