Request for Alteration of term in Purchase Agreement (Business Communication)

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Miss Irene Ang

22 Sunny Road

S (522842)

1st September 2005

Mr. K W Ho

Sales manager

TMC Motors Ltd.

S (573 448)

Dear Mr. Ho,

Re: Request for Alteration of term in Purchase Agreement

I have just bought a Quadra 1.3 from TMC Motors Ltd a few weeks ago but it has yet to be delivered to me as your company's bidding of the Car Ownership Entitlement (COE) on my behalf was unsuccessful. A few weeks after my purchase of the car, I was told of a new promotion. I would have gotten the car with special features, which include leather upholstery and sports rim, if I had bought the car at a later date. However, I was told by your salesperson, Jasmine who assured me that the promotion price for the Quadra 1.3 model was on for only a limited time and that the dealership would not be able to offer the cars at the same promotion prices.

Indeed the promotion ended shortly after, but the company had come up with a more desirable new promotion. Her assurance had led me to sign the agreement. Thus, I request that my current purchase agreement be altered to the new promotion term which would include the special features (leather upholstery and sport rims).

I am aware that it would be costly for you to consent to my request as it will incur additional costs. The Quadra 1.3 model is an economical but "cool" car which suits first-time car buyers like me. A car is not only a mode of transport for me but also a fashion statement. I understand that the new promotion served as an advertisement, in a bid to encourage pleased buyers to help to pass the word around, so as to boost sales. If our cooperation...